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About TCI Financial

We were founded by Jennifer and James Johnson, a husband-and-wife team of business owners looking to help other individuals, couples and business owners. Through more than a decade of leadership in their own firm and other ventures, they understand the struggles business owners face. They know that it can be difficult to properly plan, retain employees and ensure that everything you’ve worked so hard to build continues to move forward when you’re no longer at the head.

Jennifer and James are also parents of three, giving them a firm grasp on the worries you may have as a parent, a family member or an individual. Whether you’re concerned about your own retirement or the preservation of your wealth to be passed onto your heirs, we truly get it, and we look forward to every opportunity we have to help and educate.

Our Approach

We know that these topics can be difficult, but we aim to simplify them, and our job isn’t complete unless you’re able to comprehend your plan the same way we are. We also take great pride in being able to offer assistance with your holistic financial plan. Through carefully assessing your appetite for risk, your unique situation and your objectives, we can use the plethora of tools available at our disposal to help you. Whether we’re meeting face-to-face or online, we look forward to building our relationship and chasing your goals as a team.

Your Goals. Your Dreams. Your Retirement.

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Our Founders

United in their goals as a couple, Jennifer and James look to put their heads together and help you achieve your goals. They also have their own individual objectives, as well as objectives they strive for as business owners. Through their understanding of where you are, where you’re going and where you’d like to be, our powerful pair can help you reach your ambitions.

Jennifer’s first insurance license was a temporary one, simply so that she could test the waters and see if she liked working in the industry. As it turns out, she loved it, and her passion has not fleeted after more than a decade of financial service. Her desire to help others is driven by her love for education, and she believes that she can help anyone navigate a financial roadmap, either as a business owner or as an individual. Read More

James Johnson

CEO and Financial Advisor

James originally found his passion for financial services through his wife. After achieving his securities license, he learned that he truly enjoys the process of educating and guiding our clients. Now he spends most of his time operating his business and building his relationships with friends and family, and he aims to ensure that our clients can do both successfully, as well. Read More

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Phone: (407) 739-8937
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Connect With Us

Phone: (407) 739-8937
Fax: (800) 947-0380