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How We Help Your Business

Your business is your livelihood, and though it’s often a labor of love, it does need to provide the necessities. As business owners ourselves, working each and every day to protect and build for our families, we know how important it is to defend your company, as it is the foundation upon which to build your dreams and care for the ones you love. With a wide array of tools and a variety of services, we can help you ensure that it fulfills both of those roles, and we’ll stand next to you as coaches and teammates to guide and support you. Whether you’re looking to create a vision for the future or design a roadmap to reach that vision, TCI Financial is here to assist as you chase your goals and build your empire.

Business Owners Helping Business Owners

Business Strategies

As business owners ourselves, we understand the struggles you face on a daily basis. We’ve faced them, as well, and we’ve helped other business owners navigate them. We also know that there is natural overlap between your personal life and your professional life, which is why we look at your unique picture as a whole. Through implementing strategies that move your business forward and improve efficiency, we can help you ensure that your company can retain employees and function at its peak. We focus on eliminating the worries you have for your business so that you can put your energy into chasing your personal dreams.

Business Planning

As a business owner, you are a visionary, and you’re likely looking to bring your vision to life. Well, it’s difficult to reach your objectives without a properly designed and orchestrated plan. We specialize in working with business owners to create effective plans that work, and once we assemble those plans, we stand by your side and use them as road maps to reach your desired destination. By setting goals for the short-term and the long-term future, we can make sure you’re on the right path and hitting the necessary checkpoints on your way to your own definition of success.

Group Benefits

Whether you have two or 200 staff members, your business is only as strong as your team. That’s why it’s important to offer benefits that make your place of business a desirable place to work, giving your employees the freedom and security to chase their own dreams. TCI Financial can help you implement group benefits that add layers to your employees’ compensation packages, making them feel as though they can protect their families, their assets and their futures, all while decreasing turnover rate and increasing workplace productivity.

401(k) Implementation

The 401(k) is a retiree’s most important asset, helping them save and grow their retirement funds. In addition to compounded growth, they often provide employees with a contribution match, helping them grow the account even quicker. Through many years of helping businesses, we know that benefits packages can be a determining factor for candidates selecting a role. We can help you implement a 401(k) plan that helps your employees reach their retirement goals and feel comfortable in their current situation, allowing those who matter most to keep pushing your business forward.

Tax-Efficient Planning

While growing revenue and increasing profits can both be important, it can be just as crucial and rewarding to keep the money your business has already earned. The TCI Financial team has decades of combined experience, and in our years, we’ve learned and studied tax regulations and strategies that can help our clients keep more of their earnings in their pockets, no matter if they’re individuals, couples or business owners. Keeping more of that money allows you to inject yet another stream of funds back into your business, sparking creativity and helping you move forward even faster. Sure, we believe that you should pay your fair share, but we also believe that your earnings belong to you, and they’re a valuable tool in constructing your future.

Profit Sharing

Potentially helping to increase employee retention and decrease turnover rate, a profit-sharing plan is often a part of a benefits package that allows employees to relish in the success of the company. Additionally, it doesn’t simply and solely offer a tangible reward and a reason to remain put in a given position. It can also incentivize your business’s unique process, giving your employees a vested interest in the success of your company from both a mental and an emotional perspective. You put a lot of trust in your employees to propel your vision and push toward your goal, and a profit-sharing plan can be an excellent way to invite them to share your in vision and join in the celebrations of your achievements.

Succession Planning

Though your business may be your passion, you likely won’t be at the helm forever. We do know, however, that your business is a well-maintained machine. Furthermore, it can be your legacy, and you don’t want to see its progress grind to a halt when you make your exit. That’s why TCI Financial helps business owners craft a succession plan that keeps their dreams intact long after they’ve given up the steering wheel. We also prioritize your family and your vision for the company, ensuring that each role is filled by a determined and qualified party. Then, we’ll continue to work with both you and your business, entirely invested in the structuring, progression and plans for both.

Insurance Solutions

Growth and protection are equally important to your business, and TCI Financial has a diverse range of tools available at our disposal to help. As far as protection goes, we can help you ensure that both you and your business are protected against even the most treacherous of storms, keeping you moving forward in the face of adversity. We’re business owners and providers ourselves, and we know that we’d do anything to protect what we’re passionate about. We want to offer you the same level of protection and security while shouldering some of the burden that comes with running a company. We truly believe that your decision-making should be calculated but creatively uninhibited, and TCI is here to help.

Your Goals. Your Dreams. Your Retirement.

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Our Founders

United in their goals as a couple, Jennifer and James look to put their heads together and help you achieve your goals. They also have their own individual objectives, as well as objectives they strive for as business owners. Through their understanding of where you are, where you’re going and where you’d like to be, our powerful pair can help you reach your ambitions.

Jennifer’s first insurance license was a temporary one, simply so that she could test the waters and see if she liked working in the industry. As it turns out, she loved it, and her passion has not fleeted after more than a decade of financial service. Her desire to help others is driven by her love for education, and she believes that she can help anyone navigate a financial roadmap, either as a business owner or as an individual. Read More

James Johnson

CEO and Financial Advisor

James originally found his passion for financial services through his wife. After achieving his securities license, he learned that he truly enjoys the process of educating and guiding our clients. Now he spends most of his time operating his business and building his relationships with friends and family, and he aims to ensure that our clients can do both successfully, as well. Read More

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