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Jennifer Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Johnson is our CFO at TCI Financial and holds her life, health and annuity license in nearly 40 different states. With more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Jennifer is already extremely accomplished as an agent. Having risen to the top of a large firm prior to starting TCI Financial, she knows what it takes to be a successful business owner, and she feels extremely lucky to be able to do it with her husband at her side.

On a typical day, Jennifer is meeting with clients and preparing analyses and road maps that help them find new ways to save money for retirement. Her approach begins with education, which she feels extremely passionate about as information seems to fall through the cracks in school. “I feel like a lot of what we teach isn’t general knowledge. We notice it often with baby boomers, but it’s becoming increasingly common and obviously hasn’t changed in school systems that are supposed to educate today’s youth about life principles,” Jennifer says.

Originally from a small town in Maine, Jennifer moved to Florida in 2007 to pursue a career in pediatric oncology. Though her fire for battling pediatric cancer is still alive, she eventually became a stay-at-home mother then found insurance while looking to re-enter the workforce. Jennifer’s first license was a six-month temporary license, which she intended to use to test the waters, but she quickly found that she loved the opportunity to help others. She specifically recalled one member of her family whom she looked up to as the pinnacle of success, but when they fell ill and suddenly found that they were unprepared for major emergency expenses, she realized that even the most financially savvy could fall victim to money trouble without proper preparation.

Now, her main goal is to help people avoid those same pitfalls by providing education and plans, and she enjoys thinking of herself as a detective on a constant search for clues that she can use to solve individual mysteries. “That’s my favorite part about the job,” she says. “Each client is different. Their needs are different, and the tools we use to help them are different. It makes every day interesting, and I love to hear each client’s story when I’m trying to assemble the perfect roadmap toward their definition of success.”

Jennifer has also found a partner who matches her hunger and desire to help others. As Jennifer’s affection for financial services grew, so did James’s, and now the two have become a dynamic duo, able to assist clients no matter their circumstances. “We work so well together because we’re different,” Jennifer says. “He’s securities licensed, so if a client has questions about their investments, they call him. If they have questions about protection, products and retirement, they call me. If they’re looking for protection but also have an appetite for risk, we can sit with them together, which I think brings out the best in both of us.”

She’s also proud of her ability to help business owners. As a business owner herself, she knows the obstacles and potential pitfalls of running a company, but through her own experiences and through co-navigating rocky waters with James and other clients, she feels well-equipped to handle any problems she might encounter. “For business owners, their finances in their company are directly linked to their personal finances, so being able to properly run that company is so important. That means that I need to bring new strategies to the table along with ideas to retain employees and decrease turnover rate. To me, that’s what success looks like as a business owner,” Jennifer says.

Extremely family-oriented, Jennifer spends much of her free time with her husband and her three children, Trinity, Carter and Isabella, otherwise known as the “TCI” in TCI Financial. In addition to sitting one office away from him on workdays, she enjoys playing golf, disc golf and pickleball with James. “Through all of our years of marriage, we’ve always committed to using Fridays for ourselves to ensure that our families, our children, our friends and our clients get us at our absolute best,” she says.

Jennifer also believes strongly in fighting for the rights of women and veterans. Both she and James came from military families, so she enjoys giving back to programs such as the Wounded Warrior Project. A mother of two daughters, she also pushes herself to be a role model and a leader for women. “I’m beyond proud that I can show my daughters, and women everywhere, that it’s possible to achieve your dreams,” Jennifer says. “Women’s voices are becoming less and less heard in today’s society, so being a woman business owner and having reached positions of power, I love to share my story and lift and encourage others to defy obstacles that have been put in their way by perception.”

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Our Founders

United in their goals as a couple, Jennifer and James look to put their heads together and help you achieve your goals. They also have their own individual objectives, as well as objectives they strive for as business owners. Through their understanding of where you are, where you’re going and where you’d like to be, our powerful pair can help you reach your ambitions.

Jennifer’s first insurance license was a temporary one, simply so that she could test the waters and see if she liked working in the industry. As it turns out, she loved it, and her passion has not fleeted after more than a decade of financial service. Her desire to help others is driven by her love for education, and she believes that she can help anyone navigate a financial roadmap, either as a business owner or as an individual. Read More

James Johnson

CEO and Financial Advisor

James originally found his passion for financial services through his wife. After achieving his securities license, he learned that he truly enjoys the process of educating and guiding our clients. Now he spends most of his time operating his business and building his relationships with friends and family, and he aims to ensure that our clients can do both successfully, as well. Read More

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