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We believe that money is not an end goal, simply for stacking and collecting for no real purpose. Instead, it’s a means to and end and tool to reach your dreams, but without the proper assistance and education, it can be difficult to know how to leverage your tools to make sure they’re properly working for you. That’s where we come in. TCI Financial is proud to offer a variety of services that allow us to address all of your concerns and make your money work for you, through your career and into retirement. Our mission is to understand you and your unique situation, then, by thoroughly comprehending your financial picture, we can assess your tolerance for risk and determine which of our tools we think will best help you reach your goals, no matter what they may be.

A Personal Partnership

Investment Management

Your investments are an important part of your retirement portfolio, helping you reach your goals and setting you up to chase your dreams. Using an analytical approach to determine factors like your risk tolerance, we manage your investments with your best interests in mind. We also look at them as a greater part of your holistic financial plan, using market investments to supplement more protection-based products. This helps you achieve your long-term goals while protecting everything you’ve worked to build.

Financial Planning

It is difficult to reach your destination without a proper map that accounts for opportunistic chances as well as obstacles. That’s why we assemble custom financial plans for each of our individual clients, tailored to their unique goals. Using a complete arsenal of tools and options to help you reach your objectives, we can plan for all of the risks that come with your road to retirement and everything beyond. Whether you need help as an individual, the head of a household, a couple or a business owner, TCI Financial can design the right plan for you.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement should be about your goals and your family. That’s why TCI Financial helps you plan for a retirement based around your desired lifestyle. We focus on creating multiple income streams from a properly diversified portfolio, allowing you to grow your accounts and protect your earnings to ensure that you have what you need for retirement. We also stay with you throughout the distribution phase of retirement, building strategies that work to preserve your funds for your entire life.


Rather than investments in the market, annuities are contracts between you and issuing insurance companies, and they can be a great way to protect your principal and see growth guaranteed by the claims-paying ability of those insurance company. Those insurance companies are also constantly looking to build new products to suit the individual needs of clients, and TCI Financial has access to all of the latest options. We can help you determine is a protection-based approach through annuities is right for you and your retirement.

Life Insurance

Life insurance has moved beyond being a fallback option for the worst-case scenario. Now, it’s yet another vehicle we can use to prepare you for retirement, long-term care or major life expenses. With living benefits, your life insurance can be a savings mechanism, helping you reach retirement by protecting what you already have and offering rates of growth guaranteed by the issuing insurance company. There are so many options when it comes to life insurance, allowing you to customize your policy to fit your needs. TCI Financial can help you assess your needs and find the right policy for you.

Asset Transfer

We know it’s difficult to think about, but no financial plan is complete without a plan for what happens after you pass. In fact, we don’t believe it makes sense to have a financial plan without having an estate plan. After how hard you’ve worked to build your empire, you should have decision-making power when it comes to your assets. That’s why we help with your transition, whether you need assistance as an individual or as a business owner. When your time comes, those who rely on you should be able to properly grieve, allowing them the space to move forward with the memory of all the good you’ve done.

Health Insurance

Health insurance can be tricky, especially once you reach retirement. For example, it may come as a surprise that Medicare is not entirely free. Premiums can be higher than expected, and they are taken from your Social Security benefit, potentially decreasing your expected income in retirement. At TCI Financial, we specialize in analyzing your situation and finding the most advantageous supplemental plans based on factors like your care providers and your prescriptions. We can also reassess each year during the Medicare open-enrollment period to determine if a change in plans could benefit you.

Tax-Efficient Strategies

We understand that you’re looking to grow your wealth, and you’re hoping that your money works for you as you work toward retirement. However, it can be just as important, and satisfying, to keep the money that you’ve already worked so hard to accumulate. As financial professionals, we’re familiar with strategies that help you protect what you have and keep it in your wallet. We can help you implement those strategies to grow and transfer your wealth with more efficiency and certainty, giving you more freedom to use your funds as you please.

Your Goals. Your Dreams. Your Retirement.

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Our Founders

United in their goals as a couple, Jennifer and James look to put their heads together and help you achieve your goals. They also have their own individual objectives, as well as objectives they strive for as business owners. Through their understanding of where you are, where you’re going and where you’d like to be, our powerful pair can help you reach your ambitions.

Jennifer’s first insurance license was a temporary one, simply so that she could test the waters and see if she liked working in the industry. As it turns out, she loved it, and her passion has not fleeted after more than a decade of financial service. Her desire to help others is driven by her love for education, and she believes that she can help anyone navigate a financial roadmap, either as a business owner or as an individual. Read More

James Johnson

CEO and Financial Advisor

James originally found his passion for financial services through his wife. After achieving his securities license, he learned that he truly enjoys the process of educating and guiding our clients. Now he spends most of his time operating his business and building his relationships with friends and family, and he aims to ensure that our clients can do both successfully, as well. Read More

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